Choose the convenient option to enjoy our fastest 4G+ in Russia.

We are glad that you are going to visit Russia!
We wish you a great trip and unforgettable impressions!

The offer is valid only for persons who are on the territory of the Russian Federation

#Our rates

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Unlimited mobile apps

30 GB

On the rest of the Internet


The fastest Internet Based on the analysis of Speedtest Intelligence data from Ookla on the speed of mobile Internet in Russia in the period 01.01.18 - 30.06.18.
in Russia

750 / ~ € 10

Subscription for 14 days Provided the balance is 750 RUB or more the subscription fee is charged and the allowances are renewed automatically after 14 days.


All incoming calls (incl. international)

30 min

Calls to other Russian mobile operators and some international destinations Australia, England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Iran, Iceland, Spain, Columbia, Costa Rica, Morocco, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Tunisia, Uruguay, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Austria, Israel, Canada, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, UAE, USA, Turkey, Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia.

I got my SIM card! What’s next?

Insert SIM card into your device and dial 05001374 to activate. Connection services only available within of territory of Russian Federation.

How to dial
  • For calls to Russian number dial «+7» (or just «8») and then the network number and phone number.
  • For calls to numbers in other countries dial «+ country code» and then the network number and phone number.
How to top-up your account

Top-up here

Useful numbers
  • Find out your number *205#
  • Check your remaining minutes and data *558#
  • Add a data bundle *370#
  • Check your balance *100#
One number for the emergency services

Dial 112 — 24 hours a day

Operator support
  • We respond to questions on  Facebook (only in English).
  • We send SMS-notifications in English.

#What to visit in Russia

We have chosen a few websites which will help you to enjoy your trip to our country: